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How To Use Vitamin C Serum

How To Use Vitamin C Serum

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I'm Krista, Owner + Creative behind our business.  If you don't already know what Vitamin C Serum is, let me fill you in.  Vitamin C Serum is a skincare product taking the industry by storm.  Claims range anywhere from reduced pores, disappearing wrinkles to an even + brightened complexion.  We're here to discuss these claims, debunk the myths, and help you decide if this is something that would benefit your skin.  Let's get to it!

What is Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C Serum is a popular skincare product that almost every major brand carries.  It's a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins + minerals designed to bring out the best in your skin.  The reason so many people love this product is because virtually anyone from any age group + ethnicity can use it.  Think of this serum as a daily vitamin for your face.

Is this product for everyone?

Essentially, yes.  Anyone without an allergy to the ingredients in Vitamin C Serum can utilize this product + is encouraged to.  If you don't want to commit to a lengthy skincare routine, adding in this one product can provide a wide array of benefits that you'll see taking effect almost immediately.

What changes can I expect to see?

Expect to see reduced wrinkles (some may even disappear altogether), fading dark spots, a brightened complexion, and a more evened skin tone.  Acne scars + breakouts will also subside as you continue to use this product.  Everyone is different but the key to getting the best results is consistency.  Just as we drink water everyday, using Vitamin C Serum everyday will greatly increase its effectiveness.  

How can I implement this product into my skincare routine?

Implementing this product into your routine is easy.  24 hours prior to first use, test a small amount of the new Vitamin C Serum on the inside of your wrist.  Keep an eye on that area to see if you notice any changes.  If you don't notice anything, you're good to go!  Use this serum right before your moisturizer.  If you don't moisturize, use as the last step of your skincare routine.

Can I use this product long term?

I have personally have been using this product for over a year.  I've noticed my skin stays consistently healthy when I use it twice a day.  If you did want a break you could always switch to no serum for a bit or use a different serum with different benefits.  I chose this Vitamin C Serum because it's reasonably priced + gives great results.

How can I ask more questions?

If you have any questions regarding Vitamin C Serum please email us at 

We would be more than happy to help!  

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